Wendy and Garet in Armour

Wendy and Garet in Armour at Clinton War

Garet's Armour

Garet wears a style known as "Nine Plate." Nine Plate is so named because it's supposed to consist of nine plates, conected around the torso. Although I think Garet actually has six, plus some skirt plates. His is made from black hockey plastic covered in suede.

Garet is working on blackened stainless steel chain malle, which will weigh about 50lbs.

Wendy's Armour

Wendy's scale maille coat started out life as a red suede great coat in her grandmother's closet. It seemed to be designed for a tall man with impossibly long arms. Generations of men had looked at this closet, gotten scared by the look of the coat, and scurried away. Wendy decided to take the sleeves off of it, attached knee cops to them thus turning them into leggings, and then rivit black hockey plastic scales all the way up the coat. If she had to do it all over again, she wouldn't have rivited the scales on. She would have sewn them instead. Plastic doesn't weight very much, but copper rivits sure do! Her coat weighs about 20lbs.

Wendy is also slowly chipping away at her next project - Mithril or titanium chain maille. Titanium is so much lighter than steel! Her maille shirt will weigh about 15lbs when it's complete. It's down to her waist at present.